White Fillings


These days, more and more people visit the dentist for one dental problem or another. Getting your tooth or teeth filled is one of them. Fillings are of different types, colours, and depends on your choice or preference.

Gone are the days when fillings were made in silver or other colours. These days, some fillings are more natural-looking. A perfect example is the white filling.

Why Do I Need White Fillings?

People who need white fillings are those who do not want their fillings to look prominent. When white fillings are used, they look more natural, and people will not be able to notice them, unlike other fillings that come in different colours like silver, that are very visible when you smile or laugh.

What Makes Up White Or Natural Coloured Fillings?

The exact material used for producing tooth-coloured or natural coloured fillings may vary and depends on the dental team. However, they consist mainly of synthetic resin, or glass particles, with a setting ingredient. It is this material that gives the filling a white or natural-looking colour.

If you want to know the particular material used for the filling production, then you should consult your dental team. We at Invisalign braces London will be more than ready to help you with your white filling.

Is There A Need To Replace My Amalgam Fillings With White Fillings?

Usually, your dentist will not advise you to have your fillings replaced until it needs a replacement. And only when your dentist decides that your fillings need replacement,can you have it replaced with a white or tooth-coloured filling.

Often, putting white fillings on the back teeth is not usually successful, so the dentist does not do it. A better option is the use of inlay or crowns, but it requires the removal of the tooth, and this can be expensive.

How Expensive Are White Fillings?

The cost of white fillings is dependent on different factors like your region, the time it takes for treatment to be completed, the size or type, and finally, the dentist that does the work.

At Invisalign braces London, we sure that our white filling services are highly affordable to our clients, and we make it known to you before treatment commences. Visit our clinic today at Harley street London for more information.

White Fillings Are They As Good As Amalgam Fillings?

The durability of white fillings is dependent on the location where it is placed and how you use them. However, they have always been proven to last less long than amalgam fillings.

The good news is that there are new, better materials used for the production of white fillings, that can be compared to amalgam fillings, in terms of durability and they have been successful. You can find out just how long your fillings can last by inquiring from your dentist.

Is There Any Alternative To White Fillings?

There are other alternatives to white fillings, some of them include crowns, inlays although they cost more. Veneers can also be used instead of fillings as well. Another good option is adhesive dentistry, whereby the filling is bond to the tooth. It does not require much removal of teeth. Hence it is much better.

Where Can I Get White Fillings?

Invisalign Braces London can offer you the appropriate dental service you need. You can get your white filling from us at our clinic on Harley street London by contacting us today. We are a team of experienced dentist ready to help you get a white filling.

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