Wearing some types of braces can be discomforting. Patients are always very excited to remove their braces after several months of wearing them. Before you start flaunting your beautifully aligned teeth, you should know that your teeth can move back to their misaligned position if you do not wear retainers - no one will not want that after months of wearing braces.

This is why your orthodontist will instruct you to wear retainers regularly after your braces have been removed.

Why do teeth move after braces?

Braces help to move your teeth to the desired position during orthodontic treatment. Once the braces are removed, stretched elastic fibres in the gum start pulling the teeth back to their original position. It is called an orthodontic relapse. It will take some time for these stretched fibres to remodel and stop pulling the teeth out of alignment.

Continuous jaw growth can also move your teeth out of alignment after treatment has been completed. Orthodontist recommends that patients wear retainers regularly for some months after braces are removed. It helps in holding your teeth in their new position to avoid orthodontic relapse.

There is a higher risk of relapse immediately after your braces are removed. This will stabilise after a while, but it does not mean you should stop wearing your retainer a few months after your treatment. Retainers are comfortable and discreet; you can make the wearing of retainers as a lifelong commitment to guarantee your teeth stay aligned.

Removable retainers

After your treatment, we provide a set of removable retainers. These removable retainers are made up of a thin, clear gum shield that fits comfortably over your teeth to keep them fixed to their newly aligned position. Removable retainers also referred to as Essix retainers, are very comfortable and are the perfect replacement for Hawley retainer which orthodontist used in the past.

Your orthodontist produces your removable retainers just for you so that it can fit your teeth perfectly. The impression of your teeth will be obtained after your braces are removed to produce retainers that will be suitable for your teeth. It may take a week before your retainers are produced. You should not worry if your teeth move slightly out of alignment during this period, your retainers will move them back into alignment once you get them.

You will be advised on how often you need to wear your removable retainers by your orthodontist; you may be recommended to wear your retainers at night.

You should keep your retainers safe at all times so that they will not get missing. Getting a spare set attracts additional cost.

Fixed retainers

We provide fixed retainers to hold your teeth into alignment after your braces have been removed. The fixed retainers are made of a thin stainless steel wire that is permanently bonded to your front teeth from behind. When your braces are removed, the impressions of your teeth are taken to produce your retainers —fixed retainers can be fitted before you get your removable retainers.

Fixed retainers are hardly noticeable; you will forget in a while that you are wearing retainers. You should take extra care of your teeth when you are on fixed retainers. Your orthodontist will show you the best techniques to brush your teeth.

You can get in touch with us as soon as possible if you experience any problem with your retainers. Orthodontists at Invisalign Braces London will be happy to advise you on how to wear your retainers effectively.

We can also help you get a fitting or replace your retainers. Do contact us on Harley Street, London.