Lingual Braces


In recent times, there have been numerous visible improvements in the world of orthodontics. This has made teeth to be straightened in a faster and more discreet way than it has been recorded in history. These improvements have made adults more interested in orthodontic treatments than ever before. With this great increase in the demands of the new teeth straightening method, the aesthetic braces have made their way to popularity.

The lingual brace is one of the outcomes of these improvements in orthodontics. This brace is made up of brackets and wire, and they are usually customised to perfectly suit each patient.

Unlike the other types of braces, the lingual brace is designed to be significantly invisible; this is why they are placed behind the teeth. This placement makes the braces interfere slightly with the speeches of the patient wearing them within the first few days of getting them. They are fixed braces, and they are suitable for patients of all ages.

The cost of this brace varies from clinic to clinic, but they are largely dependent on:

  • Your case,
  • The duration of your treatment,
  • Where you live,
  • The coverage of your insurance,
  • The type of lingual brace you choose.

There are different types of lingual braces. They are listed below:

IncognitoTM Lingual Brace

This brace uses brackets cast with gold and customised to fit the lingual (inside) surface of your teeth. This brace is virtually invisible because of this design.

This brace is the discreet brace, and it has other benefits to offer. Some of the benefits are:

  • They are fixed hence the best result will definitely be obtained.
  • They have low profile brackets thereby making them very comfortable to use

The duration for the complete treatment with this brace is two years, but within the first few months, improvements are usually noticed. The fact that this brace is hidden behind the teeth makes it possible for patients to start showcasing their beautiful smiles even before the treatment is completed.

eBrace Lingual Brace

These braces are custom-made, and they are quickly becoming popular. They are like the incognito braces, so they have their brackets carefully crafted to gently hold the contours of the teeth. Through this, there is maximum control over your teeth movement.

The eBrace can be used by patients of all ages—this is because it is a fixed brace and it has the ability to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems, mostly misaligned teeth.

Social 6 Lingual braces

These braces are the best for those with mild crowding who want their front teeth to be straightened. It is designed to adjust the position of the six to eight teeth in front to a position were a more beautiful smile can be obtained. The use of this brace to treat mild crowding usually produce perfect results in just a few months.

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