Inman Aligner


While you may love designer clothes and other fabulous accessories, if your teeth are protruding or misaligned, and you hide your smile, you may not have the confident look you so much desire.

Nevertheless, when negative emotions strike again, consider investing in one solution that may last for a lifetime and will never get outdated. Long after you may have disposed of the dazzling silk dress you bought, a new smile will take you wherever you need to go. In essence, with the Inman aligners from our dental clinic at Harley street London, you will be striking a new pose in no time. Let’s walk you through a brief guide on Inman aligners.

What are Inman aligners?

The Inman aligner is a very good choice for orthodontics patients (adult specifically) who might have had braces in the past, but the teeth have relapsed back to its original situation. This appliance is very effective, and custom made to fit an individual specific tooth and dental condition.

It works by moving the teeth to its desired position within a short period compared to other traditional metal braces. It gently moves the teeth into its desired position with two opposing spring-loaded aligner board. Inman aligners are known to work best on protruding anterior teeth and crowded teeth. This provides the teeth with unique pressure that work over a given range of movement. With this gentle pressure, the treatment procedure can be swift with less discomfort and results are always visible between the sixth and eighteenth weeks of treatment.

How does the process work?

The aligner is a clear plastic retainer with two spring-loaded aligning bars that fit easily over the front four teeth. Unlike other conventional braces, the Inman aligners provide wearers with a constant but gentle pressure that helps the teeth back into its normal position.

It is quite easy to use and can be inserted and removed at almost any time. Once the teeth have been moved to its desired position, a discreet retainer is used to hold them in place so that they don't move back to their normal position.

What to expect during your appointment with the doctor?

During the first appointment with the doctor, a full dental examination including the photographs, impressions and radiographs of the teeth is taken.

After that, your orthodontist will fit the aligners, while walking you through the required guidelines on how to insert, remove and clean the aligners.After the first visit, you are expected to visit your orthodontist every two to four weeks to check the movement of the teeth and discuss possible challenges and concerns, while a vivid solution is provided almost immediately.

The final stage of the appointment is sometimes referred to as the retainers' stage, where the teeth are straightened, and an impression of the teeth is taken to form a custom made and permanent wire retainers or removable clear retainer to maintain the teeth's new position.

At our dental clinic in Harley street London, we recommend necessary final Hygiene appointment that is essential to keep and complete our patient's new smile - this we believe is essential for every orthodontics treatment.

What this set of aligners can accomplish?

Inman aligners can correct vast dental problems.

Firstly, it can align the first teeth. This includes fixing crowding and protrusions. The system can also rotate the teeth, and this is something other clear and invisible aligners are very slow at.The aligners can also be used in situations where the bottom teeth bite down outside the top teeth. Asides from the teeth straightening jobs of an aligner, Inman aligners can also be utilised with whitening and composite bonding to create a complete smile makeover

How do I know if Inman aligners are right for me?

At our dental clinic in Harley street London, we have talented orthodontists and dentists that help patients feel great about their smile. We believe that each patient knows what they want to achieve, and because of this, it is a bit difficult for us to say who is most suitable for Inman aligners.

If you think you might have gum disease, then you should come in for braces assessment, and our orthodontist and dentists will be able to offer suitable solutions that can help you get the problem under control and kick-start your braces treatment.

Visit us at our dental clinic at Harley street London for your teeth straightening problems; we are more than capable when it comes to issues concerning dental misalignments.