Dental Treatments


There are different treatments your dentist adopts to restore your oral health. These treatments vary based on the dental condition of patients. The treatment procedure that will be useddepends on the diagnosis of the dentist before the treatment starts. The type of treatment determines the cost and the cost band the treatment covers.

We have put together a guide to the main dental treatments your dentist may recommend to correct your oral problem. You should read further to find out more.


A crown is a form of a cap that is produced from metal or porcelain material. It is fixed in the mouth to cover broken teeth, decayed, damaged teeth to improve your appearance.You may need topay regular visits to the dentist more than once if the dental crown is the recommended treatment to fix your tooth defectbecause it takes time to produce a dental crown in the lab To get started on yourtreatment, your dentist will need to drill down your old tooth to fit the crown successfully. The old tooth sits like a peg where the fixing of the crown will be placed.


Hole in a tooth can trap food,causing more dental issues like tooth decay. Dental fillings are used to remove or repair a hole in a tooth. Amalgam is a common type of dental filling that is used often for treatment. This procedureis madefrom a mixture of metals including mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc.

Your dentist will first have to examine your teeth so that he or she can recommend the kind of dental filling that suits your clinical needs.


Dental bridges,as they are also called, are used to replace missing teeth. The surrounding teeth determine the success of this treatment because they provide support for the bridges.

The need to take an impression of the surrounding teeth which be related to you by your dentist after which the bridges will be created using precious metals and porcelain material. The bridge is fixed permanently in your mouth.


Root canal treatment is also called endodontics. It is used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth or root canal system. The contamination of the nerve may cause the infection to spread throughout the tooth. When this occurs, the tooth maybe removed if the root canal is not treated.

Root canal treatment helps to remove all the infection from inside the root canal system after which the root canal will be filled and the tooth sealed with a filling or crown to prevent future infection. This treatment takes time; you may need to visit your dentist 2 - 3 times before the procedure will be completed.


The use of braces in orthodontic treatment is used to straighten and move your teeth into alignment to improve your confidence in your smile and appearance.

There are different types of braces made from materials such as metal, plastic or ceramic. Invisalign braces are not visible because they are produced from clear plastic. They should be replaced with new ones every 2 weeks.

The Invisalign braces are removable —they can be taken out during meals and for cleaning, for a maximum of 2 hours. They are more convenient for use and ideal for children, teenagers and adults.


Scaling and polishing is a professional way in which your teethare cleaned. This process involves the removal of the deposits that build upon the teeth such as plaque and tartar.


The wisdom teeth are the teeth that grow at the back of your gums. They are the last teeth to grow,which usually emerge between the ages of 19 – 21 years. There are four wisdom teeth, each growing at a corner.

The wisdom teeth emerge at an angle, sometimes while they get stuck and emerge partially. When the wisdom teethappear this way,itis referred to as impacted wisdom teeth; they need to be removed.

Your dentist may decide to remove the wisdom teeth or refer you to an oral and maxillofacial unit in the hospital to get it removed.


Dentures are false teeth that are used to replace your missing natural teeth. Dentures may be in full or part set. The complete set of dentures is used when you have lost all your teeth, while the part set of denture is used when only a few teeth need to be replaced.

Dentures are made from metal or plastic material. Your dentist will need to examine the gum of the affected area and make a perfect mould to replace the missing tooth or teeth.You need to maintain proper oral hygiene after your treatment. Notably, dentures can be removed and clean. You can brush a part denture set at the same time with your teeth.

However, a full set of dentures needs proper cleaning; it should be removed and soaked in a cleaning solution overnight and cleaned in the morning before usage. With dentures, you still have hope of chewing again after you must have lost your natural teeth. You may find it hard to eat with dentures after the treatment,but in time, you will adapt and chew better.


Dental implants are the best treatment in severe teeth loss cases where the use of dentures is no longer supported. Implants as dental treatment can be used to replace a single tooth or more.Dental implants are producedfrom titanium screws which are drilled into your jaw bone where there are missing teeth,and a crown, dentures or bridges are fixed to the implants afterwards. Dental treatment with an implant takes time; it can take up to six months before the titanium rod will fuse into your jaw bone so that dentures can fit into your mouth properly.

Implants are expensive. They are often recommended for patients who suffer severe teeth and face damage from an accident that knocked their teeth or patients who suffer from mouth cancer.


Having chipped teeth is not new. You are advised to visit your dentist and have it fixed if you are not comfortable with your chipped teeth. Chipped teeth can be fixed by smoothening it with dental filling after which dental crown should be worn to protect the enamel from being chipped in the future.

Broken or knocked-out teeth can affect your facial appearance as well as biting and chewing. They can be fixed using dental bridges, dentures or implants. You should see your dentist immediately if you suffer severely broken teeth



Dentist adopting procedures such as laser whitening or power whitening in recent years have made it possible for you to whiten your teeth in a few hours.

Discoloured teeth may result from the consumption of some food and drinks such as coffee, improper dental hygiene —the dead nerve that causes black teeth. It makes you conscious of your smile. Teeth whitening helps to bleach your teeth to a lighter colour.

Teeth whitening makes your teeth brilliantly white; it can even lighten the existing colour by several shades. Teeth whitening process can take a few months to achieve desired results. You will need to visit the dentist several times during your teeth whitening treatment,and you will be required to wear a mouthguard which contains bleaching gel regularly at home.


Using veneer is another treatment that can help to correct discoloured teeth. Veneers are made up of a thin layer of porcelain material placed over your tooth to improve the beauty of your smile and protect the surface of your teeth from damage.Your dentist will need to measure your tooth to cut a layer of porcelain material to fit.

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