Tips for Cleaning Your Invisalign Trays
Tips for Cleaning Your Invisalign Trays
13 Mar 2020

Tips for Cleaning Your Invisalign Trays

Remember the joy you had when the orthodontist said you are eligible to use Invisalign braces to straighten your teeth? Yeah right, that feeling is euphoric. It is always good to have something better than the old traditional braces since you will not be battling with the metal trays and wires. But now, do you know the right way to clean your Invisalign trays? It is essential to know the foods you can eat and drink with Invisalign and also keep a clean mouth and clean Invisalign trays.

Observing these principles will help you have the required oral hygiene. We will share the best tips on how to keep your Invisalign trays as clean as it was the first time you laid your hands on them.

The following tips will help you maintain a fresh set of Invisalign trays without odour, discolouration and bacteria build-up:

Remove the Trays and Clean Both Your Teeth and Your Trays Every Morning

Bacteria use the period you are sleeping to find their ways to accumulate in your trays, and because of this, you should clean them off when you are awake. To avoid bacteria accumulation on your trays, ensure you brush during the day and before you go to sleep at night. Keeping your mouth and trays always clean is the best way to fight the bacteria.

Rinse the Trays Whenever They Are Out of Your Mouth

Saliva can also cause plaque on your trays. To avoid this plaque from occurring, you must rinse your trays with water whenever you remove them. The water will also prevent the tray from being a ready environment for bacteria to grow.

Your trays can also be kept clean by using an excellent clear antibacterial soap. You can also use a brush with soft bristle to clean your trays; they are great at preventing plaques. You may not always be at the comfort of your home, but while you are out doing your thing, it is essential to do the needful to keep your Invisalign trays in good shape.

Soak Them in the Denture Cleaner Daily

Your orthodontist must have offered you some Invisalign cleaning crystal or denture cleaner to help you maintain the hygiene of your trays. Take out some time of the day to soak your trays into any of these cleaners and when you are done, brush off the remaining plaque or particle of food with a brush (not the one you use for your teeth). Rinse the trays and brush your teeth before wearing them back.

Do Not Forget to Brush and Floss Before Wearing the Trays Again

It is a high risk associated with putting on your trays when you haven’t brushed or flossed. Wearing the trays in a filthy mouth will cause the lingering food particles to be trapped in between your teeth and some in the trays. When these food particles stay there for some time, it will cause dental issues like cavity, tooth decay and several others.

Avoid Exposing the Trays to Air When They Are Not in Your Mouth

It is essential to always carry your case around when using Invisalign so that in situations where you want to drink or eat, you will have a container to hold your trays. Exposing your trays to air will cause more bacteria to be accumulated on it. If you forget to keep your aligners in their case, ensure you soak and rinse them again before wearing them.

Ensure Your Next Set of Aligners is Packed or Shipped to Your New Location Whenever You Are Travelling

You will need a new set of trays after every two weeks. So, in cases where you need to go to a different city for some weeks or months, ensure you meet with your orthodontist so that he can either give you your new set of trays or ship them to your new location. This will ensure your treatment proceeds as planned. You can also carry your old trays in case something happens to the current or new ones.

Avoid Eating or Drinking While Wearing Your Trays

The only thing you are allowed to drink with your Invisalign trays on is water. Apart from this, ensure your trays are off when eating or drinking. Eating while wearing your trays will put the trays at a risk of being chipped or cracked by hard foods; it will also cause some of the food particles to be stuck in between the trays and your teeth. To prevent all these, you must remove your trays as you are approaching the table.

Avoid Cleaning Your Trays With Toothpaste

Just like the name, toothpaste is suitable for cleaning the teeth, not the trays. Cleaning your trays with toothpaste will cause the trays to be discoloured and damaged because toothpaste contains some abrasive ingredients that are not so healthy for your trays. This toothpaste will also cause your trays to lose their sheen; this will make them less invisible, thereby defeating the aim of going for Invisalign.

Avoid Cleaning Your Trays With Coloured or Scented Soaps

Coloured or scented soaps can stain your trays or give them a weird taste when you wear them. This can make you lose appetite and want to puke. Stick the uncoloured and unscented antibacterial soaps; they will help you get the most from your trays.

Our Last Words

You can best keep your Invisalign trays by sticking to a daily cleaning routine. This routine will help keep your trays fresh and prevent them from getting stained; though you will only be using your trays for a few weeks at a time, it is still essential to maintain their sheen and invisibility.

To have the most effective Invisalign treatment, we advise you to keep your trays at the best state and periodically take them to your orthodontist for professional cleaning. The state of your Invisalign braces determines the state of your oral health; there will be no need struggling to have straightened teeth if the process will only get the teeth infected. Contact us at Invisalign Braces London for teeth straightening with Invisalign.