Adult Short Ortho


Have you got a large function to attend where you need to have that perfect dentition? Short term braces are here to the rescue. Short term braces are used for people who need quick results. If you need your misaligned teeth restored to its original position, and you are scared of not being able to fix your teeth fast enough, then short term braces are for you.

Short term braces are used to straighten and align your most visible front teeth. Asides being super effective, short term braces also have quick results and are very comfortable. If you are within or around Harley Street London and you need your misaligned teeth fixed in the most convenient and discreet manner, you are welcome to visit our dental experts at Harley Street London.

What Is Short Term Brace Treatment?

As the name implies, this kind of treatment produces results within a short period of 6 months or even less. The short term brace treatment is also called limited objective because it only targets some of the teeth, and not all. This treatment is mostly used on the ‘social six’ which includes the front six upper or lower teeth.

The demands for short term braces from patients are increasing at a fast rate, and one could easily tell why. The treatment produces results very quickly and is also perfect for aesthetics. At Harley Street London, we are always ready to fix an appointment with you and get you started on the short term brace treatment.

How Short Term Brace Treatment Works?

After a thorough oral check-up proves that you are suitable for this treatment, our dentists will immediately get to work. Some of the tools to be used during this treatment are Invisalign braces and a sectional tooth-coloured brace. During the treatment, you may be given a combined treatment plan which will involve limited orthodontic treatments. This treatment will help straighten your teeth. Also, some form of cosmetic enhancement with either composite bonding or veneers will be added in the treatment.

Our dentists at Harley Street London are familiar with this treatment and the tools used in carrying it out. Feel free to visit our dentists and get an appointment booked to start this journey of a perfect dentition.

Popular For Adults

Although short term treatments are reserved for adults, it is suitable for most patients. The time interval for our appointments for short term brace treatment is usually every four to six weeks. Since adults are always busy, this treatment is very suitable for them as it can easily fit into their schedule. This treatment is mostly used for mild and moderate anterior crowding problems, like teeth aligning, teeth levelling, and closure of small gaps between the teeth.

Our Dental Experts

Short-term treatment requires an experienced dentist who can professionally carry out the job. Short term treatment is relative to some stages of comprehensive orthodontics, and as such, should be treated appropriately.

Our dentists at Harley Street London are professionals and have a lot of experience. We are willing to collaborate with youfor the treatment, and we can assure you of a job well done. Visit us today at Harley Street London, and start getting results.