Invisalign® Lite in Harley Street

Invisalign Lite is a new version of the Invisalign range designed to treat mild or less severe cases including minor spacing between teeth, mild crowding or slightly crooked teeth. Treatment can usually be completed within 5-8 months which makes it very cost effective. As well as being used for simple orthodontic cases, it may also be used as a precursor to cosmetic dentistry treatments such as bridges or crowns.

Invisalign Lite discreetly straightens the teeth using virtually invisible, custom made removable aligners.  Invisalign Lite has all the features and benefits of Invisalign.

Who is Suitable for Treatment?

Invisalign Lite can be used to treat
• Mild crowding
• Slightly crooked teeth
• Minor spacing between teeth.

Advantages of Invisalign® Lite

• Invisalign Lite offers a discreet way to align the teeth
• Designed with your comfort in mind
• Minor crowding or spacing can be treated in 5–8 months
• Invisalign aligners are removable