Dental Health Checkups in Harley Street

 image of woman having a dental health check

Dental Checkup Overview

Dental Health Checkups in Harley Street

Having regular dental health checks is vital to keeping a high level of dental health. A check-up permits your dentist to spot any dental problems and keep your mouth healthy.

Leaving any problems untreated can make them more difficult to treat in the future, and increase the risk of more extensive damage. It is best to correct any issues early or, ideally, prevent them happening in the first place.

At your dental health check, your dentist will extensively inspect all areas of your mouth, including your teeth, gums, and tongue. Together you will discuss your general health and any problems you have experienced with your mouth since your last check-up. You will also receive advice about your diet, smoking and alcohol use, as well as your teeth cleaning habits.

Oral Cancer Screening

We also take note of the soft tissues in your mouth. We are looking for any changes and possible symptoms of oral cancer.

Cancer of the mouth claims more than 1,800 lives every year in the UK alone, and many of these could have been avoided if it had been caught early enough.

Mouth cancer can affect any part of your mouth, including the lips and tongue. The warning signs include a red or white patch in the mouth, or a painless ulcer that doesn’t heal.

If you have either of these symptoms for more than three weeks, please make an appointment to see us or your GP as soon as possible.

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