Clear Aligners in Harley Street


picture of a clear removable dental aligner

Are you looking for an easy, painless and discreet way to straighten and improve your smile? Treatment with our clear removable aligners can be very easily adapted to everyday life. They don’t create embarrassment, they don’t consist of traditional wires or brackets and they are comfortable and user-friendly.

Our clear removable aligners straighten your teeth without any need for wires or brackets.  They are virtually transparent so no one will know you are wearing them and they are removable so you can eat, drink and clean your teeth in the normal way.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners achieve painless teeth straightening by inducing gradual movement of misaligned teeth to provide outstanding results with no discomfort.

Teeth are straightened painlessly and easily using custom-made, removable aligners which gradually and gently move the teeth until they reach their optimal position.  Once the aligners are inserted into the mouth they are invisible. They don’t alter speech and they are easy to handle.

Aligners have to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours per day to be effective and must be replaced with the next set every 15 days.

During your consultation, we will work with you to identify the correct number of clear aligners needed in order to achieve your desired result.

What is the Cost of Clear Aligners?

Our clear aligner treatment starts from only £1500.00 which includes free bonded retainers at the end of your treatment.

Contact us today to book your free consultation and find out how you can achieve your perfect smile with London Braces Clinic.

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